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Instructions:

The tool is designed to allow a user to connect to a mailbox in Exchange, as well as to the corresponding mailbox record in Dynamics 365. This is what provides the tool with the contextual information it needs to retrieve the relevant Exchange Server and Dynamics 365 data.

1.)    Sign into Exchange by clicking File –> New Exchange Service.

o   You can connect directly to a given mailbox by using the mailbox credentials as seen above, or, you can specify an account that has ImpersonationAccessRights and then check “Check if using EWS Impersonation” and supply the smtpAddress of the target mailbox.

2.)    Sign into Dynamics 365 by clicking File -> New Dynamics 365 Service…

o  The Target Dynamics 365 Mailbox field must match the targeted Exchange mailbox configured in the Exchange Service details in step 1.

o   The credentials provided in the Username & Password fields will need the following permissions:

  •   Retrieve the Target Dynamics 365 Mailbox
  •   Retrieve the User Settings or Queue Record associated with the Dynamics 365 Target Mailbox
  •   Retrieve the Email Server profile associated with the Dynamics 365 Target Mailbox
  •   Retrieve the Organization settings.

In the above example, the user is connecting to their own mailbox in Dynamics 365. However, a System Administrator's credentials in the username and password fields would also be sufficient as long as the Target Dynamics 365 mailbox matches the mailbox in the Exchange Service.

Username notes:

  • If you are using Dynamics 365 Online or have enabled IFD, sign in using your UPN (e.g.:
  • If you are using Kerberos authentication (On Premise), use your windows name (e.g.: contoso\administrator)

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